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Ready, steady, light!

Chic and compact with added flair

Would you like special accent lighting in your kitchen? Whether horizontal or vertical, the elegant LEDstixx makes it happen. It's a real eye-catcher thanks to its housing made of anodized aluminum.

Pick up another one too so you can use it as a candle on your table. And maybe another one for over the cloakroom mirror. And … and… and….

  • High-quality silver-colored housing made of anodized aluminum
  • Stylish and discreet integration into all interiors and surroundings; on sideboards, kitchen cabinets, shelving,mirrors, as orientation light, as “table candles”, for decorative purposes with pictures, vases, and many other applications
  • Horizontal and vertical illumination on walls and objects is possible
  • Including 3 × AAA batteries


Slim and wireless

Simply take it with you

Snap. Holder. That's the secret of the LUMIstixx. To use it locally, place it in its holder. To take it with you where you go, simply snap and grab. You can twist and turn the LUMIstixx as you like, it will always look great.

  • Synthetic LED lightbar
  • 4 cold white LEDs
  • Wireless operation with batteries (included)
  • Attachable with snap holder
  • Compact and versatile in use (fixed, mobile, tilted in its holder)
DOT-it Classic

DOT-it Classic

Universal mini LED luminaires with variable mounting

An all-round success

Wouldn't it be great if your tin toy collection was well illuminated in the display case? But you would need a power point to do this, right? Wrong, it is possible with the inimitable DOT-it. Its batteries last up to 100 hours and you can secure it anywhere you wish without the need for screws. What's more, the bayonet base also means that batteries can be replaced quickly and easily.

  • Secured with adhesive pads, hook-and-loop pad, magnet or also with hooks
  • Including 3 × AAA batteries
  • Bayonet base for simple battery replacement
  • Up to 100 hours battery life


Stationary or mobile LED light


Light into even the furthermost corner

Every time you try to find a gardening tool in your shed, you invariably get annoyed because you can see nothing. A torch is no use because it doesn't taste so good when you have to keep it in your mouth as you use both hands to search. The SPYLUX has been developed especially for you so. The powerful battery-operated luminaire is splash-proof and you can even take it out of its holder if you need to use it elsewhere at times. You can switch it on and off manually or set it to "Auto" to switch it to sensor mode.

  • Can be installed using adhesive strips, a magnet or a mounting bracket (included)
  • Can be released from the stationary holder, used as a mobile lamp and then returned to the holder
  • Wide beam angle thanks to adjustable head with a rotation range of 70° and a swivel range of 25°
  • Three modes: “On” for continuous light, “Off” and “Auto” for sensor mode
  • Powerful warm white LED, including 3 × AAA batteries
  • Spray-proof (IP43)
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