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    As an expert for complex system and project solutions, LEDVANCE designed and implemented a lighting concept for the Business Campus Management GmbH in Garching that meets all requirements of a modern office design. From the VIVARES and BIOLUX HCL systems to smart and decorative luminaires, LED-STRIPS as well as customized luminaires, with its portfolio LEDVANCE covers the entire range of lighting solutions for the office of the future.
    The VIVARES light management system provides sensor-controlled individual lighting solutions with a high level of efficiency and user-friendliness in both the ZIGBEE and DALI variants.
    The BIOLUX HCL system creates the optimal lighting for focused working situations at any time of day, thus promoting the motivation and productivity of employees.

Project info

  • Garching, Germany 2021
  • Customer: Business Campus Management GmbH
  • Project: New lighting concept for the office of the future
  • Application: Office
  • Technology: LED
  • Products: VIVARES ZIGBEE and DALI System, BIOLUX HCL, SMART+ luminaires, decorative luminaires, customized luminaires

LEDVANCE implemented a lighting concept for the Business Campus HUB - the future office, which specifically combines the most innovative light management systems, creates a feel-good atmosphere, and reconciles smart light with energy efficiency and high user comfort.


Modern offices are more than just functional workplaces. They should rather form an environment that positively influences the motivation, well-being and productivity of employees, promotes team spirit and, as a collaborative and social place, also increases the attractiveness of the employer. With this in mind, Business Campus Management GmbH in Garching, together with selected partners, built the leasable Business Campus Hub as the office of the future on an area of approx. 500 sqm, in order to create added value for companies and employees and thus also to promote the leasing of office space. For this purpose, a lighting concept was sought that would meet all the requirements of an innovative office lighting and make it particularly attractive for companies to lease office space here.


As an expert for complex lighting systems and projects, LEDVANCE was the first contact for Business Campus Management GmbH to cooperate with to realize a future-oriented lighting concept in the offices of the Business Campus Hub. In addition to improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance, the main focus of the concept was to employees with a special feel-good atmosphere in the offices. In this context, the use of the VIVARES light management system in the wireless ZIGBEE and wired DALI variants, as well as the BIOLUX HCL system, played an important role for this project. Also regarding the design, the solutions from LEDVANCE set standards in the Business Campus Hub, functional luminaires with future-oriented technology were supplemented by decorative luminaires and indirect accent lighting, and customized luminaires were also installed.


The Business Campus Hub is structured into different areas, for which LEDVANCE has developed lighting solutions that are precisely matched to the requirements of the respective rooms: The entrance and reception area of the Business Campus Hub, with its black ceiling and lack of ceiling cladding, presented special visual challenges for successful lighting. Therefore, the decorative 1906 BUBBLE PENDANT luminaires were chosen to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in this area without the need for renovation measures, and to fit harmoniously into the modern office environment. TRACKLIGHT SPOT luminaires were used to better accentuate the wood wall design. The two interconnected larger training and meeting rooms are designed for events with up to 40 people. The two rooms are equipped with the wireless VIVARES ZIGBEE system, which combines quick installation, easy commissioning and simple handling with efficient energy use. The combination of PANEL ZIGBEE luminaires installed in the louvered ceiling with DOWNLIGHT ZIGBEE luminaires installed in the peripheral zones creates a lightened overall appearance with various dimmable lighting scenarios.

It was particularly important for the customer to have clean and germ-free air in these rooms due to their high frequency of use. To meet this requirement, the UVC V70 air disinfection devices were installed on the ceiling of the rooms in a space-saving and visually discrete manner. The air disinfection devices reduce the virus load in the air by approx. 70% and thus increase the safety for the users of the rooms.

In the laptop lounge, which can be spatially connected to the training/meeting rooms, as well as in the open office area, the VIVARES ZIBEE lighting management system with light and presence sensors offers users the diverse control options expected in an office of the future. Due to the individual room concept without conventional desks in the laptop lounge, the customer wanted flexibly designed lighting with sensors for this room.

Especially work situations demanding high levels of concentration are also supported in the Business Campus Hub. Therefore, two office and meeting rooms were equipped with the BIOLUX HCL system, which supports concentration, motivation and well-being by dynamically adapting the light to the natural course of daylight. In addition, different lighting modes from Focus to Relax can be manually set for the BIOLUX HCL PANEL and BIOLUX HCL DOWNLIGHT luminaires with the BIOLUX HCL CONTROL UNIT, thus enabling the light to be adapted to the respective work situation.

Intelligent voice control of lighting is an essential component of an office of the future. That's why one room was designed as a meeting and relaxation office that serves as a retreat for brainstorming sessions and is equipped with a voice control function. This allows the SMART+ SPOT and  pendant luminaires in the modern office to be controlled in a contemporary and convenient manner by voice. The combination of these smart luminaires make the feel-good atmosphere perfect.

The target in the Games Room was to create a room with a special atmosphere. The eye-catchers are the SMART+ wall luminaires, which illuminate the room indirectly from the side. In combination with the VIVARES DALI system with DALI sensors the wall luminaires can be controlled and dimmed independently of the PANEL luminaires in the grid ceiling via a separate wireless SMART+ ZIGBEE switch. The PANEL DALI ceiling luminaires can also be dimmed. Thus, the users of the room have the possibility to adjust the lighting mood to their individual needs via the dimming function and to use this room as an inspirational retreat.

As an interactive space, the connecting corridor is the transition between the office and lounge area. The lighting creates an incentive to walk through the corridor and draws attention to the rooms at the end of it. The dynamic LED-STRIPS RGBW on the wall and the ribbed structure of the PANEL IndiviLED DALI luminaires visually lead through the corridor. In addition, lighting scenes were programmed at the customer's request so that the LED-STRIPS can be set to blue and green in addition to white. Furthermore, due to the individual programmability of the LED-STRIPS RGBW, there are many other possibilities for color design and staging.

DOWNLIGHT luminaires were installed in all other corridors for better orientation.

As In the lounge area, the simple black ceiling without cladding in the Business Campus Hub were also to be retained. In order to give the lounge a special flair regardless of the dark ceiling, special customized linear pendant luminaires were developed from our LED STRIPS. The irregular suspension of these LED-STRIP linear pendant luminaires creates a 3D-effect of the lighting and gives the lounge a pleasant atmosphere. This feel-good atmosphere is further enhanced by the decorative character of the VINTAGE 1906 PenduLum luminaires with 1906 LED lamps above the bar area of the lounge. 


On an area of approx. 500 sqm, Business Campus GmbH in Garching aims to establish the leasable Business Campus Hub as the office of the future with selected partners. As an expert for complex lighting systems and projects, LEDVANCE designed and implemented lighting solutions based on the latest lighting technologies, precisely matched to the different areas of the Business Campus. The portfolio of functional luminaires with future-oriented technology was supplemented by smart and decorative luminaires, indirect accent lighting and a customized luminaire designed for the lounge area. The new lighting concept makes a significant contribution to transforming the leasable office of the future from a pure workplace into a motivating and inspiring place to meet, thus creating added value for both the company and its employees.

With LEDVANCE we have the perfect lighting partner right here in the Business Campus HUB. We were very impressed by the professional planning and implementation of the lighting solutions by LEDVANCE and are looking forward to further joint projects".


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